WESTCHASE — A new concept brings the pharmacy to the patient, and its first location is in northwest Hillsborough County.

AdventHealth is introducing SpotRx pharmacy kiosks to its health care facilities, beginning with AdventHealth Care Pavilion Westchase, 10987 Sheldon Road. The kiosks offer patients an on-site telehealth option to receive certain prescriptions, speak to a pharmacist via video chat and set up next-day home deliveries.

SpotRx Pharmacy, owned and operated by the Canadian company MedAvail, provides “acute and chronic medications, over-the-counter products as well as creams, ointments, eye drops and test strips” at its kiosks, according to a press release. The kiosk at AdventHealth Care Pavilion Westchase began operating this month and an on-site SpotRx account manager said Aug. 10 that it can hold up to 500 dispensable units.

The kiosks will not, however, house controlled substances like diazepam or oxycodone.

“Our partnership with SpotRx provides another time saving convenience at our Care Pavilions so patients can get the care they need and not have to make another stop before they get home,” AdventHealth West Florida Division Senior Executive Officer John Johannessen stated in a press release.

Patients at AdventHealth Care Pavilion Westchase can access the SpotRx kiosks immediately after appointments. Users can insert a prescription receipt and receive their medication or also connect with a pharmacist for further assistance.

For patients whose prescriptions aren’t stocked in the kiosk or are controlled substances, SpotRx offers next-day home delivery services. 

Following the successful launch of the Westchase kiosk, AdventHealth intends to install the next SpotRx pharmacy at its Care Pavilion Heathbrook in Marion County.

“We look forward to serving AdventHealth patients through this collaboration and broadening our footprint in Florida where we see a tremendous opportunity and need for SpotRx,” MedAvail chief executive Mark Doerr said.

Last year, the state Legislature passed a law authorizing the expanded use of automated systems. Previously, dispensing systems were only allowed to provide medication to patients in prisons, hospice settings, or long-term care facilities.