Hurricane Ian Update No. 15

Flash flooding and strengthening winds have combined to create hazards making it no longer safe to be on the road. Hillsborough County emergency management officials remind residents to follow safety precautions until the danger of Hurricane Ian has passed.

Remain sheltered where you are. Do not attempt to relocate to a Hillsborough County emergency shelter or any other location.

If you do experience an emergency, call 911 and report the issue. Emergency crews will respond as soon as it is safe to do so.

If there is a need to take cover, find an interior room away from windows and skylights. Bring water into your safe room in case you cannot exit due to storm debris.

If flooding is a threat, turn off electricity at the main breaker.

Keep cellphones and electronic devices charged in case of power loss. Checking in with family through texting or social media can be more reliable than phone service.

In case of electricity loss, flashlights or chemical sticks are safer to use than candles.

Keep storm shutters and windows closed until the storm has completely passed.

Once storm conditions subside, do not leave your home until officials announce that it is safe.

Emergency responders, equipment, and partner agencies are in place and ready to respond to the challenges that Hurricane Ian will bring Hillsborough County, FL.